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We have a mission for telling authentic stories and building engaging communities. Every member of our team is relentless in our pursuit of this mission and helping others grow.  

We know fast growth companies because our founding team has built those companies. Now, we're helping others have an impact. Learn more about our team below.

Our history

We originally founded Ethereal Innovations as an investment group and incubator for fast growth technology companies. Since then, it has grown into a boutique digital marketing agency with a focus on marketing strategy, social media, and authentic engagement leading to sales.


Ever had a desire to change the world around you? A little encouragement from some key leaders is all it took.

Our founder Kurt was instrumental in creating the location-based industries (ever used a map on your phone, navigation system in your call, flown a flight simulator or tagged a photo to a location - yeah, that stuff) and was asked to join a small team in Atlanta that was creating the technology behind social media marketing. They were working with Facebook and Twitter to create the tools that every company now uses to engage consumers online. Several mentors had shown him a different path - one where business impacted peoples' lives for the better and our responsibility for training the next generation of leaders. Kurt originally formed Ethereal Innovations to consolidate his investments, intellectual property, and a number of regular consulting projects he and a small group were having with numerous fast-growth companies across the Southeast.


We have a unique perspective on growth. Our team has invested in more than 40 startups over the years, sat on the boards of many others, and held leadership roles from startups to public companies. We know "growth" and how important it is to make sure the data is leading towards increased sales. Combined with Valerie's incredible storytelling approach to marketing, our team will create a growth-focused marketing strategy and can implement it for you if too.


A little attention from a lifelong storyteller will change the trajectory of success.

In 2013, Valerie joined Ethereal and founded our boutique marketing agency. She had this idea, bring people closer to the things they care about and they will do the marketing for you. She added a couple of team members to the mix and before long every surface was covered with computers and promotion material. The upside was that the clients she had helped for the previous 5 years quickly became a growing business. The downside was it's often hard to find people with a shared mission and authenticity is a character trait that takes years to develop.


So, we intentionally chose the clients we'd work with and brought a few friends to the team. Our business has grown with the increasingly complex nature of marketing across email, websites, social networks, mobile devices and a broader understanding by brands of connecting with customers through social channels. We still make investments in certain companies and advise select entrepreneurs on their overall growth. However, our team shines the brightest when we can define a marketing strategy and implement it so that entrepreneurs at high growth companies can focus on the parts of their business they know the best. Today, most people around Atlanta know Ethereal Innovations for our marketing efforts and our ability to launch high-growth companies and serve as interim CMO/head of marketing when your team needs a key performer to "fill in the gap".


We're proud to be known for our unique storytelling and relentless pursuit of growth. We're extremely thankful for the success we've had and the people that have helped us get to where we are.

Ethereal Innovations founder Kurt Uhlir
Founder & President
Allison Hobby of Macon Georgia | Legal Assistant
Office Manager

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Your vision gives us passion. We thrive on good stories that have to be told.


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