Last week was big for social media scheduling. The two most popular platforms, ophthalmologist Bufferapp and Hootsuite, made announcements that enhanced their functionality. Making life easier for marketers everywhere.   Bufferapp: Bufferapp, recognizing the age of video, has started supporting MP4, MOV, and AVI up to 1GB in size. You can now upload your video, pick the […]

More and more investments are being poured into content marketing in recent years; but as more companies invest in content marketing, viagra here the web becomes cluttered with the same articles over and over again. It is important to seek out new and unique strategies to develop and source your content to stay above the […]

If you are interested in growing your career in marketing, meningitis we have open part time positions as well as internships available. Perks include: no dress code, drug free snacks and drinks, check many opportunities to grow and learn, downtown office in Tech Square at ATDC (Atlanta’s premier startup environment through GATech), a fun workplace […]

Email marketing isn’t complicated. Sometimes the things that are right in front of your face are the easiest things to miss. So, search take an email marketing 101 refresher course with us and let’s make sure your content is all that it should be. You’ll want to ask yourself a series of questions before you […]

Today, Instagram announces Hyperlapse, their new time-lapse app that uploads to Facebook or Instagram a speed optional video. Digital marketing is getting more fun every day. The advanced tools that are now readily available to the “average Joe” are making the content we see from all of our friends cooler while making it more difficult […]

Running a successful marketing campaign by partnering with other brands. Marketing partnerships are something marketers do all the time in all kinds of ways but often unintentionally. They increase your reach at an incredible scale when done well and they can also be incredibly frustrating when one or more partners doesn’t know what they are […]

When your company is ready to try content marketing, viagra 40mg you quickly start wondering how to best promote your new blog.  Promoting your blog well is the only way to get noticed with 1.4 million blogs being published everyday. In this article we will take you through the initial steps that will help you […]

TAG Marketing Presents “Successful Campaigns”: Date: August 19th, shop 2014 Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Where: Jabian Consulting, 1117 Permiter Center W, Atlanta, GA Click here for your tickets to TAG We’re super excited to be part of this joint presentation about successful marketing campaigns and highlighting Atlanta built technology. Here’s a little about what […]

Today is my last day interning for Ethereal Innovations. *sad face* I’ve had a great experience interning for this company. I would like to provide you with some general advice on digital/social media marketing that I just thought of off the top of my head. As far as social media is concerned, neurosurgeon I believe […]

So I’ve been reviewing graphics made by various people and businesses and thought it’s about time I make a blog on how to use fonts. This is just a general rundown on what type of fonts you should use, healing what fonts you shouldn’t use, and when to use certain fonts. I personally use Canva […]