Today, Instagram announces Hyperlapse, their new time-lapse app that uploads to Facebook or Instagram a speed optional video. Digital marketing is getting more fun every day. The advanced tools that are now readily available to the “average Joe” are making the content we see from all of our friends cooler while making it more difficult […]

Today is my last day interning for Ethereal Innovations. *sad face* I’ve had a great experience interning for this company. I would like to provide you with some general advice on digital/social media marketing that I just thought of off the top of my head. As far as social media is concerned, neurosurgeon I believe […]

So I’ve been reviewing graphics made by various people and businesses and thought it’s about time I make a blog on how to use fonts. This is just a general rundown on what type of fonts you should use, healing what fonts you shouldn’t use, and when to use certain fonts. I personally use Canva […]

Twitter can be a great asset to your business if you learn how to implement it well. As the second largest social media platform with 100 million daily active twitter users and 255 million monthly twitter users, side effects you have ample opportunity to grow your audience on Twitter. Some advantages that Twitter has over […]

One of the best ways to intrigue website visitors to stay in your website when they initially visit is to have a video posted. Videos can decease bounce rates and drive more web page views. Online videos build trust and confidence throughout your pre-sale and sales processes. Online videos also play an important role though […]

Pinterest is now the third largest social network, and many businesses are learning to incorporate Pinterest into their social media marketing strategies. Home decor and fashion are among the most popular retailers on Pinterest. Pinterest users that use the site to shop spend between $150 and $180 on average per order, which is higher than […]

It is becoming more important to incorporate images into marketing in today’s world. As social media marketing grows, visit web marketers have been turning to visual platforms. According to KISSmetrics, visual photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click throughs than text based posts. Photos get 93% more engagement than text […]

Today, information pills Pinterest announced that they will no longer limit the number of secret boards that a user can create!  This is great news if you want to pin items in folders that you don’t want others to see. Why would you want to pin in secret?  There are so many reasons to keep […]