Twitter can be a great asset to your business if you learn how to implement it well. As the second largest social media platform with 100 million daily active twitter users and 255 million monthly twitter users, side effects you have ample opportunity to grow your audience on Twitter. Some advantages that Twitter has over […]

Do you notice something interesting and different about these tweets? Fancy either accidentally or purposefully introduced the world to Twitter’s Buy Now button. On Monday, medical the ‘Buy Now’ button appeared on multiple tweets that included products from Fancy. The tweets were first discovered by a tech-news site called Recode. For now, this the ‘Buy Now’ button […]

It took a long time to come, drug but Twitter now supports GIFs. Twiiter made its announcement via its support team: Starting today, viagra dosage you can share and view animated GIFs on, Android and iPhone. — Twitter Support (@Support) June 18, 2014 You can only post GIFs via You can view […]

Twitter recently updated its app for Android and iOS that now allows mobile users to embed tweets within tweets. You can reference either a previous tweet of your own or someone else’s tweet, capsule and you will see the actual tweet instead of a link. In order to embed the tweet, you have to copy […]