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Email marketing 101 | refresher course on making emails awesome |

Email marketing 101 – Content

Email marketing isn't complicated. Sometimes the things that are right in front of your face are the easiest things to miss. So, search…
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the new iPhone6 launched this week | marketing

iPhone 6 – more screen gives you more to market on

The announcement today of Apple's iPhone 6 launch had Stephen Sherman showing all the impressive new performance enhancements. Increased battery life, this camera,…
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Hyperlapse by Instagram is an app that speeds up your video

Instagram announces Hyperlapse

Today, Instagram announces Hyperlapse, their new time-lapse app that uploads to Facebook or Instagram a speed optional video. Digital marketing is getting more…
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Marketing Partnerships | growing together for marketing success | campaigns | how to partner with brands

Marketing Partnerships for successful campaigns

Running a successful marketing campaign by partnering with other brands. Marketing partnerships are something marketers do all the time in all kinds of…
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