10 Tools That Will Provide You With Endless Unique Content

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More and more investments are being poured into content marketing in recent years; but as more companies invest in content marketing, viagra here the web becomes cluttered with the same articles over and over again. It is important to seek out new and unique strategies to develop and source your content to stay above the static. We have compiled a list of 10 tools you may use to build an effective and creative content strategy.


  1. Quora:
    Quora can be a great place for users to ask and answer questions, information pills with strict moderators and credentials. Posts are usually deemed credible on Quora, viagra buy so you can be sure that you’re getting quality information to re-distribute on your blog. Also, the user questions are ranked by popularity and freshness, so the posts  towards the top of your Quora news feed are typically great content ideas.  If you don’t find any good topics to write about on Quora, you may always ask a question and see what responses you get!


  1. Delicious:
    Delicious is a bookmarking tool that allows you to see what people are bookmarking as it relates to categories you are interested in. The tool also allows you to bookmark content to save for later viewing. Use Delicious to source popular content people are bookmarking.


  1. Alltop:
    Alltop is a very quick and easy way to get info on the most popular stories, as well as blog posts from specific sources. You may also create a “personal, online magazine rack” of your favorite websites and blogs, including over 32,000 information sources.


  1. StumbleUpon:
    Press “Stumble,” and hang on tight, as you browse through endless web-pages based on your interests. This can be tricky to get right, as you may have to “stumble” through many web pages until you find one that is useful. Try to select interests that relate to the content you need, and hopefully after a few “stumbles,” you will find the content you need! The content is usually more creative and unique, but be wary… you may end up “stumbling” for hours.


  1. LinkedIn and Facebook Groups:
    Engaging the community is a great way to probe for content ideas. Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups that relate to your business and observe the interactions between members. See what kinds of questions people are asking, see which posts are getting the most attention, and ask questions! PLUS these groups are a great way to network.


  1. Inbound:
    Inbound is a community for inbound marketers, where marketers can ask questions, and have questions answered. The topics are ranked from most popular to least popular. Engage with this in a similar way to LinkedIn and Facebook groups to source content. Another great feature with Inbound.org is the email subscription option, where you will be emailed the top content that week.


  1. SmartBriefs:
    A very cool content newsletter you must try. SmartBriefs will provide you with stories and articles that are relevant to your custom interests, and email them to your inbox. The service is convenient, because it requires little effort on your part, but if you are worried about cluttering your inbox, only subscribe to a few interests.


  1. Reddit:
    Reddit is a great place to find secret and interesting content. I suggest the subreddit “marketing” as a great place to find content that is relevant to marketing needs. Be wary of spammers, who may be trying to get click-throughs. Typically the legitimate posts will be towards the top, so look through those first. Also, pay attention to the questions that users are asking, to generate content to answer their question. You may then re-post the link to the answer on the conversation, and get more links.


  1. DigitalSMB:
    DigitalSMB is like the small business marketing community of LinkedIn. Users can post original content, ask questions to professionals, as well as look for jobs and freelance work. This can be a great place to find original ideas, as well as gather information on what kinds of questions marketers and small business owners are asking. Users are given “badges” as they build their credibility, and more credible users become more visible on the site. Now is a great time to start taking advantage of this free service, before others catch on!


  1. Customers:
    Always be sure to make notes of questions that customers ask, whether it be written down or audio recorded. Your customers are probably not the only ones with these questions, so writing content to their needs will also satisfy the needs of a much larger working population. As a bonus – these questions will provide great input on where to develop your product or service next.


What is your favorite way to source content? Any that we missed?

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