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  • July 24, 2014
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We all know about those annoying people on the elevator– this blog post is for those annoying people. Here are a few elevator etiquette rules everyone should abide by when getting on an elevator. So here we go:


1. Stand away from the doors when you are waiting for the elevator. You don’t want to get trampled over when the people the elevator come off. It’s also just courteous to let the people off the elevator before you get on.


2. If you see someone rushing to the elevator, recuperation hold the door open for them. Don’t be that obnoxious person that stares at the person as the door closes with the “I’m sorry” face knowing that you aren’t really sorry.

3. If you want to break the ice, health it’s ok to say good morning or hi. Just don’t say anything weird because you’ll probably freak the person out.

4. Give people their personal space. Even if the elevator is crowded nobody wants to feel you breathing down their neck.


6. That brings me to my next point- do not overcrowd the elevator. If it looks like you’ll have to squeeze in the elevator, apoplectic just wait for the next one please.

5. Please refrain from passing gas, talking on your cell phone [loudly], or having your music blasted to the point where everyone feels like they have your ear buds in their ears.

6. Only press the button for the floor you need to go on, and be polite and press the floor button for other people if they cannot reach it.

Businesspeople in Crowded Elevator
7. Finally, if someone behind you needs to exit and it’s crowded on the elevator, step outside the elevator and then come back inside once they get off.

Bottom line, don’t be one of these guys:

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